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Meet Globality's Engineering Interns - Class of 2022

This year, we launched Globality’s first formal engineering internship program in our London, UK office. Offering internships not only allows us to give aspiring professionals a look inside the working world, but it also helps us to stay on our toes. Fresh faces often bring new ideas to the table and help us see our...

Building with Kafka: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Here at Globality we are always excited to adopt great technologies that improve our platform’s functionality. Over the past year, a number of our engineering teams have been steadily embracing Kafka. Over time, our need to scale has become more important for our business. That was one of the big motivators to adopt Kafka and...

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Welcome to the Globality Engineering Blog!

Since 2015, we have been building the world’s first and only AI-powered marketplace for services sourcing, a mission we believe will transform the world of procurement. While many factors and functions have played important roles in Globality’s success to date, the power of our approach to engineering has had an outsized impact on our progress....